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Player Driven DLC

VizionEck revolves around the in-game currency, the "Ekim". Ekims are earned during gameplay by completing challenges, destroying enemies, winning matches, etc.

The cumulative number of Ekims earned throughout the game determine a player's rank. Therefore, the rank is not affected by spending Ekims.

Each individual player's rank is part of something greater, the Global Rank. The Global Rank is a combined total of all player ranks throughout VizionEck. DLC features are released when the Global Rank reaches a milestone. For example, upon reaching a Global Rank of 100,000, an entirely new map would become available for players of all ranks to purchase using Ekims. This player driven approach to DLC puts the gaming community in control.

VizionEck is all about choice. Ekims are balanced and designed to be earned through gameplay, but as an option, they can be purchased with real world money. A player with very limited time should not be absolutely restricted from playing the latest maps and modes, nor should another player be pressured into the purchase of Ekims.

Purchasing Ekims will not give a competitive advantage. VizionEck is not a "pay-to-win" game. Just like earning Ekims through gameplay, purchasing Ekims helps raise a player's rank. This will positively impact not only each individual gamer, but the Global Rank as well.